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 Fr. Paul Vallatt

Contact No (off) +32466018983
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Date of Birth 05-04-1975
Ordination 02-01-2004
Year of Joining 1992
Feast June 29
Parish Nedumpuramchal
Parents Late Mariyam (19/06/1998) late Francis (05/05/2017)
Brothers and Sisters 6 brothers (5 elder brothers and 1 younger brother) 2 sisters ( 1 sister married and 1 sister is a nun in CMC congregation, Dehradun)
Seminary Aspirancy and postulancy at Norbert House Novitiate at St. Norbert Bhavan, Bangalore Philosophy at Casa Pallotti, Goa, and Theology at DVK, Bangalore
Higher Education B. Ph. with second rank B. Th. B. A. in Arts B.Ed. in arts M.A. in Political Science M.A. in English M.Ed. from KU Leuven University, Belgium.